LEADER project support

Project "Industrial building doors and windows"

Strategy measure: 1.2 Growing Pandivere


A long-term disused building is taken into use and new content is created for it, and business is started. Doors and windows must be installed on the building to start operations. Windows and doors are broken and partly missing.

Project "Overhead crane and crane ways"

The goal of Estrade Eesti OÜ is to offer its customers a high-quality metal construction manufacturing and equipment assembly service.

The purpose of the procurement of the bridge crane and crane road was to create additional opportunities for the manufacture of large-sized metal structures and the assembly of equipment, the indoor loading and storage of equipment produced by the company was improved. Delivery efficiency increased due to better logistics of the material flow, and the number of simultaneously assembled devices increased. In addition to the existing jobs, new jobs were created. As a result of the investment, the company’s competitiveness increased and the safety of the working environment improved.