Who we are

Estrade Eesti OÜ is Finnish-Estonian owned company that has been faithful subcontractor to it´s clients since 2005.

What we do

We offer to our clients very flexible human resourses to assembly work, even for short period projects. We hold component and ready made product stocks to give flexibility into clients supply chains. We handle product projects from idea to production with our Partners. We maintain production possibilities for End-Of-Life products. We are able to quarantee the quality of our production with our own customer-audited quality system.
We have machinery for metal parts manufacturing and sand blasting and wet painting capabilities in-house. Machinery will be updated according client demands.

Client cases

We have served our clients in periodly very much variating volymes production. Among all the mass production we have been able to handle short period projects. We handle documentation and production of dozens product variations, including on-going products and end-of-life products.


People - is our strenghtness
Machines - are made to make production more effective

Welcome to Estrade Eesti OÜ

Company is specialized on assembling mechanical, electrical and pneumatical devices and machines. Mechanical part manufacturing capabilities are aimed to give even more added value to our customers. Together with our engineering Partners we are able to handle Your projects from designing to production. We take care of warehousing, warehouse management, end-of-life production, ordering, order handling and logistics together with our partners.

Our core buinesses:

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Indrek Seiler

+372 51 56 024    

Jarkko Juntunen

+358 44 527 5569   

Factory / Production

+372 5837 0262 
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